Introduction of solar cooking. In this picture solar cookers are being demonstrated for their use in cooking meat, rice, and bread. People are crowding round and asking questions. The co-ordinator, Joyce Liundi of the Mothers’ Union, lamented that there were not yet sufficient units to sell – many people would have bought them on the spot!

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“Again and again during my trip when I saw large quantities of bags of charcoal or when I saw deforestation I was struck by the wisdom of Solar Cooking. It is simple and cheap, time saving and effective, removes the need to gather firewood or buy charcoal, and has the potential to save the lives of many women and children who die prematurely from smoke and related lung disease.” – Glen Spurrell


Women in Mandrte demonstrating the effective use of solar cooking.  80 solar cooking ovens were distributed to house holds to encourage the use of other sources of energy.

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