Overview: The Masasi Rural Integrated Development Program

The Masasi Rural Integrated Development Program is presently implementing a project that covers 21 villages in the districts of Masasi and Nachingwea. The project focuses on improving access to clean water to populations in the villages where the project is being implemented; improve agricultural techniques of small farmers so that they can produce enough food to feed their families and the communities; improve the health of women and children so that maternal and child mortality diminishes; and provide care for people living with HIV & AIDS and AIDS orphans.

The project has recruited community-based volunteers and trains them as Community Health Workers, and Farm Leaders. These people play an important role in training and educating their fellow villagers.

A thank you from Masasi to all supporters of African Palms

“I wish I could have the right words to describe how much gratitude and joy people expressed towards you. I have been asked to thank everyone at African Palms for your unfaltering support. Your commitment is making a difference in people’s lives.” – Zaida Bastos – African Programme Co-ordinator

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